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Three songs for three friends.


released 13 April 2014



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The Bored of Education Chicago, Illinois

Formed in 2010, this quartet spent a year creating the sound that is The Bored of Education. "Live @ Reggie's Music Joint" is a premier of their spirit-filled performances, led by Dorris' gospel ear. The group shines on a scatter-shot arrangement of "At The Dinner Table" and a nod to Gershwin's "Summertime". "Dominican Lover", "Messiah Complex" and a church-fed encore, "The Truth", are highlights. ... more

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Track Name: Joliet
While your lunch melts down in the microwave
You get a call from Joliet, Illinois
And your mother complains about the cost of it
And the dandelion weeds in the lawn

And for the rest of the day at work and on your way home
You have visions of seeds blowing from the cotton corpses
of the dandelion weeds

It should be no surprise your from a prison town
All the way back down from Joliet, IL
With horizontal stripes on your uniform
You lay in bed and you watch TV

You used to be a sucker for the simplest tricks
Tin can telephones and fireworks that your sister brought home
from Wisconsin
Until the cops got called and you lost them all

You're suffering and wondering why
And what it really means
You're wondering. You're wondering why
What the fuck it means
Track Name: David The Bellman (Butter Crust Mix)
David the Bellman is having his day
In spite of the critics and tips never made, some say
Maybe he's a superman. Mighty Lord Chamberlain
Maybe, now, he understands everything's going to change

David hums loudly and chants in the dark
Electrons and neutrons create Divine Sparks, some say
Maybe he's a Buddha man. Took a trip to Thailand
Maybe, now, he understands everything's going to change
Track Name: Just A Waste
All the time I spent. All the money I spent. All the broken promises
All of the nights you left me alone. How you you leave me so cold
How could you go and forget all our plans
Maybe you'll never change. And this is just a waste

I run my self ragged.
I run myself ragged. I guess that's not smart
You could have held me together, now I'm falling apart
You don't invest as much as I do. It's not like you have any reason to, do ya
I do everything for you.

Sometimes, I can't handle all the emotion I feel when I'm with you, baby
Maybe we don't need continue hoping things won't be the same as they are when you left me today

Maybe you'll never change, or is this all just a waste
Maybe someday you'll change, or this is just a waste